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"A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes"


"A world condensed, a herd of wanderers enter unphased. They flow like the wind, driven by instincts established deep in the evolutionary line. Generations of ancestors have pounded this land, taking no more from the ecosystem than they could ultimately return. For millennia this sacred valley belonged to them, a gift of the earth from the Earth that has since been stolen. For in the distance a lone observer is perched, a scout running ahead of a horde waiting to descend. His intentions are good, he’s curious but respectful, honored to bear witness from afar. But as the morning sun floods the valley so too will the masses itching for a front row memory. The intimate moment is fleeting with the dawn but this glimpse of raw nature is one to be preserved."


Every photograph in my landscape gallery is named after a song. I use music to help tell my story with the photo and the title "A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes" was carefully selected for that purpose. The Leonard Cohen track fit the bill perfectly for this piece and if you'd like to relive the scene of these proud elk emerging from the morning fog I've included the song for you to play above.

This photograph is a limited edition of 100 and will arrive hand signed and numbered on the media of your choosing. Prices vary with the remaining edition quantity, for current pricing or additional information about this piece please email me.

Landscape photograph on a dark green wall.

Order "A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes"

Want to add "A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes" to your fine art collection? Click the "More Info" button below to request size options, current pricing, or additional information about the piece. 

For more details about my preferred display options, the ordering process, shipping, and production times please visit my order options page. If you want help choosing the right size for your space, my mock-up process is a great way to visualize the photo on your wall. Still have questions? Send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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