Sands Study

A collection of photographs exploring the extraordinary landscape of America's sand dunes. 

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Skeletons Series

A statement on the effects of time and its ability to decay the legacy we leave behind.


Eidolon Series

An abstract series examining the phantom-like forms of falling water.


Capturing the Character of Earth

Browse my landscape gallery by location

Behind the Title Series

A lot of thought goes into the naming of each one of my photographs. To help give the viewer insight into my memory of that place I name every photo after a song that embodies my experience. The Behind the Title series explains the connection between a specific song and photograph. 

"I Got A Name"

The Jim Croce song was the perfect fit for this moss covered panorama of a spring forest in Oregon.

"Into the Mystic"

The Van Morrison classic drifts along perfectly with this tranquil waterscape from Ontario.

"Whispering Hope"

A day of sorrow and a fall snow storm in Colorado led to this photograph and three others all named after Willie Nelson songs.

Long Shutter Logo 2 White.png

The Long Shutter Project is a collection of photographic series created to benefit causes that are very important to me. The Earth Forms Collection you see here is partnered with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and donates 10% of sales to the MDA.

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