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Mock Up Process

Example of a water photograph on a wall.

Need help selecting the right piece or size for your space? I can help! My mock-up process is a great way to see the art on your wall before you buy. Simply send me a photo of the wall and I can digitally place any of my photos on it for you to see. Need help figuring out the perfect size for the space? All I need is a measurement of something in the image you send me and I can place the photograph on the wall to scale. No more tape or guesswork, get a true representation of your new artwork on the wall at no cost to you. 

Ideal photograph of a wall to submit for a mock up.

Step 1:

Take a photo of your wall. For the best results make sure your camera resolution is at its highest setting, get as straight on as you can, and include some of the surrounding area. Having some of the room in the frame will help give you a better representation of how the image will fill the space. If possible take the photo when the room is at its brightest in the day. It can be hard to get an accurate example of color no matter what but the brighter the room is the more natural the photograph will look on the wall. 

Example of measurements to help with a mock up.

Step 2:

Take a measurement of something in the frame. This information allows me to scale the image appropriately to give you the most accurate representation of the photograph in the space. It could be the height of the wall, the width of a couch or bed, or even the dimensions of a placeholder still on the wall. If you want help determining the perfect size for the space, one measurement is all you need to do it.

Final mock up example with multiple size options displayed on the wall.

Step 3:

Review your mock-ups. I turn mock-ups around as fast as I can and once complete I will send you a few size options for any photographs you're considering for the space. Each size option will be represented in its own file with the size of the piece listed in the file name for your reference. From there I can make any adjustments you would like to see whether it's a different size or photograph altogether. 

Before and after example of a photo mock up behind a bar.

Get Started

If you'd like to take advantage of this process all it takes is an email to get it started. There's no cost and you get to make sure your new fine art photograph will fit your space to your liking. So why wait? Email me your photo today!

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