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Eidolon Series

With nothing but gravity acting upon it, the stream of water flowing over Hanakapiai Falls danced against the shaded rock behind it. The great distance from the cliff's edge to the plunge pool appeared to slow time as the bursting white streaks hung in the air. Each wave of water sent spewing over the side wove through the breeze as long as it could before being reduced to mist. Watching the flow I became enamored with the movements of the water. As each collection entered into free fall it appeared as if the particles were separated by density. A ball of white quickly elongated with the point resembling a meteor exploding through the atmosphere as the tail dissolved behind it. Isolating those forms with my telephoto lens and using shutter speed to gently blur the cascade I was able to capture the compositions in the series. The term eidolon has Greek origins that refer to a spirit or phantom. Watching the molecules of water was like watching an endless stream of souls gliding through the night.

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