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"Winter arrived overnight on a mission to subdue the great Lake Superior. Invading the rocky shores, it buried the banks without resistance before turning its attention to the mighty lake. Like a potent anesthetic, the arctic blast quelled the turbulent waters now thick and black. Primed for the icy air to begin sealing its fate, the surface cracked in agony as the molecules crystallized in real time. The frigid assault wrung the moisture from the air, forcing it to settle on the newborn ice, further securing the behemoth’s capture. Silence settled over the frosty earth as winter’s lullaby took effect, broken only by the last gasps of the subdued beast trying to break free."


Every photograph in my landscape gallery is named after a song. I use music to help tell my story with the photo and the title "Crystal" was carefully selected for that purpose. The Fleetwood Mac track was the perfect song for this piece and if you'd like to feel the chilling peace that I found along the banks of Lake Superior that day I've included the song for you to play above. To learn more about "Crystal" and its connection to the Fleetwood Mac song you can read its featured post as part of my "Behind the Title" blog series.

This photograph is a limited edition of 100 and will arrive hand signed and numbered on the media of your choosing. Prices vary with the remaining edition quantity, for current pricing or additional information about this piece please email me.

A family room interior displaying a photograph of ice.

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For more details about my preferred display options, the ordering process, shipping, and production times please visit my order options page. If you want help choosing the right size for your space, my mock-up process is a great way to visualize any photo on your wall. Still have questions? Send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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