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Skeletons Series

Mortality is a curse we all bear. We dread the day death arrives and leaves us stranded upon the shores of eternity. However, this is only the first death we shall face. There is a second, far more tragic death lurking in the ether. Our memory lingers after we die, but as sure as our life will come to pass, it too is destined to be buried by the hands of father time.


Time is a cruel force upon the deceased. Like water, time has the power to erode and does so relentlessly upon the legacy we spend our lives building. Determined to erase the memory we left to spite our inevitable fate, it unleashes itself upon our legacy, feverishly unraveling the intricate web we left knotted in the fabric of time. 


Our fragile intricacies and nuances are the first casualties. The more time passes, the more pressure accumulates, slowly compacting our existence as the memories fade. Rooted in our morals and values the foundation holds strong but time patiently chisels away at the skeleton that remains. Inevitably, we will all succumb to the incessant workings of time and be lost in the throes of the universe.


Death is a fate we are all destined to face twice and time is the only divider between both. We spend our days trying to fend off the first and prolong the second but they are both unavoidable. Our only hope is to fuel the flames of our legacy enough before death arrives to bask in our fading memory long before it comes again.

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