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"Eidolon 19"

A stunning display of elegance, the water wove through the air like a river of souls drifting through the night. The endless stream of droplets fell gracefully, wafting in the breeze like smoke off a lit cigarette. However, this beautiful cascade was merely a curtain for the chaos within. A river shattered and shredded in a brutal war with gravity, forced to endure constant eruptions further disintegrating the particles plunging into the abyss. There was no order, no plan worth making, the only way to dissect the flow was to embrace it. You can read the entire series statement and browse the rest of the Eidolon Series here.

This photograph is a limited edition of 100 and will arrive hand signed and numbered on the media of your choosing. As part of the Long Shutter Project, 10% of each sale of this photograph, along with the rest of the Skeletons Series, will be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Order Eidolon 19

Want to add Eidolon 19 to your fine art collection? Click the "Order" button below to browse size options for the piece and select the perfect one for your space. You can place your order for prints and floated acrylic mounts directly but if you're looking for a custom size or display option please email me for more information.

For more details about my preferred display options, the ordering process, shipping, and production times please visit my order options page. If you want help choosing the right size for your space, my mock-up process is a great way to visualize any photo on your wall. Still have questions? Send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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