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10 Goals for 2020

This list has been part of every 10 lists of 10 and it's only fair to keep the tradition going in 2020. My goals for the coming year can range from personal aspirations to professional wishes. This year's list is primarily photography related with high hopes for 2020. To accomplish all of the goals on this year's list would be a huge boost to my photography career even though some items aren't personally appealing as you will find with the first goal on the list.

10. Come to Terms with Social Media

Some of you may have noticed my absence from Instagram and Facebook to close out 2019. I have a poor relationship with social media, always have. As it's morphed into a narcissistic landscape of attention-seekers I've wanted even less to do with it. Unfortunately, after months of neglecting my accounts, I still don't feel any desire to be active. However, there are hundreds of you that have clicked my follow button in order to keep up with my whereabouts, even though those platforms only distribute my content to a small percentage of you free-willed human beings (I'm trying very hard to avoid turning this into a rant). I've decided I need to accept what social media has become and get back to using it. So keep an eye out for my cute little profile picture as I attempt to settle into a consistent campaign for 2020.

9. Read More

I've never been a big reader. It always took a lot for a book to keep my attention. With the entire world glowing in our phones, how can a book ever compare? You've been to YouTube right? For 2020 I want to make time to read more. I received some photography books for Christmas and would love to ditch the screens before bed for a chapter or two instead. I was going to set a book or page goal but it's been hard enough to make time for things like working out and editing so a general attempt to turn some pages will suffice.

8. Renovate the Website

Just to be clear, I love my website. I wish I didn't have to start fresh but unfortunately, my hosting platform is dissolving and the program I used to build it has been discontinued and will soon be obsolete. So to kick of 2020 I'll be searching for a new host like an artistic parasite. Being happy with my current layout I'll have only a few design tweaks to make but the entire site will have to be built from scratch again. Keep an eye out for the new launch sometime this spring.

7. Get a New Computer

A black screen sent me to the Apple store on life support for a weekend back in October. The panic that shook my body when my computer wouldn't turn on has led to a thorough new backup program as well as hopes for a new computer in 2020. My current model has been there for me since college and as technology has progressed, it's no longer able to keep up with the new software. While the good people at Apple were kind enough to put me up for a few days and ultimately restore my computer, my system is now crawling. It's been a fun test of patience but a new computer is on my wishlist for 2020.

6. Rediscover Happy

Have you noticed the avalanche of negativity in the world lately? It feels like we're drowning in problems and I got sucked into the pool. Toward the end of 2019 I was definitely leaning into the toxic skid to the point I found pleasure in complaining. Eventually, I noticed how unhappy I'd become with problems out of my control. This year I want to separate myself from the stress beyond my control and refocus my energy on things that make me happy.

5. Expand My Framing Options

Custom moldings have long been a way to differentiate me in the landscape photography industry. Currently, there are only two options available on my website but the hope is to expand the selection by the time the new site is launched. A few new styles are in the works but I would love to see a couple more materialize this year. It would be nice to have an option that pairs well with any photo as well as a design for any room. The moldings that are in the works now will greatly expand the collection but I'd still like a few more after that as well.

4. Learn How to Close a Sale

Why does this world revolve around money? If life ran on compliments and well wishes there wouldn't be a wealth gap. I'm all for the dissolving of currency and using smiles and pats on the back for trade. That would certainly take a lot of pressure off my shoulders! The reality is I suck at sales. I can talk all day about travel, photography and the work I create as a traveling photographer but when it comes to convincing someone they need one of my pieces hanging in their home, I strikeout. So I have to learn how to have that conversation because I can't walk into a bank and smile until they open the vault for me.

3. Catch Up on Editing

Stop me if you've heard this before. I've been talking about catching up on editing for years. It's been on my list of goals every year and it returns again for the 2020 edition. I will say the hole isn't nearly as deep as it was last year but my head's still below the surface. Last year definitely put me in a position to enter 2021 on a clean slate if I can keep up 2019's pace. That's what I think every year until the travel season picks up and another 10,000 shots get downloaded. I'd love nothing more than to finally catch up on editing but if next year I only have nine items on this list you'll know which one is missing.

2. Hike Once a Week

It's funny how life can pass you by. Sarah and I have been in Colorado for over five years now. In all that time you'd think an explorer like myself would have spent a good amount of time hiking in the mountains. Unfortunately, my experience with the Rockies isn't near what I'd like it to be after five years living down the road. This year it's time to get more acclimated. I finally feel like I'm in a good place with my business where it's time to make shooting the priority. With a bucket list of hikes to take, my goal for 2020 is to hike once a week. It's time to expand the Colorado gallery!

1. Go Full Time

It's time. I've been building up to this moment for five years now and it's finally time to take the leap. This year I will be a full-time photographer. Fear has been the major component holding me back but the stars are finally aligning and fear will be taking a back seat to happiness in 2020. I've had a taste of working from home recently and I can't wait to make that my full-time job. Sarah made the transition last year and I would love nothing more than to join her.


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