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"Skeleton 7"

"Reliable as the light of dawn, honest as the robin’s call. Consistent as the needles of a pine, sure as the seasons will change. Solid as a canyon wall, resilient as the ocean waves. Responsibility is a brute. It’s a pair of strong, dirty hands rubbing the grease away to lock in a promise. It’s an alarm clock soldier jumping to attention when the whistle sounds. It’s heavy eyes and a weary mind in a heavyweight bout with sleep refusing to relent until that final bell rings. Responsibility is relied upon but, unfortunately, this critical component of society has all the luster of cement. An expectation has been solidified and as a result the acclaim for the dependable does not equate to the castigation for the contrary. These neglected warriors deserve recognition for their service but we rarely hang this moral framework on the wall. It’s time they receive their due and the only way to settle this debt is to cast them in gold."


The hands of father time are patient and thorough. As sure as our time will come to pass, our legacy is destined to meet the same fate. The Skeletons Series is a reminder of that haunting truth but while our fate is sealed, we can still make the most of the precious time we're given. You can read the entire series statement and browse the rest of the Skeletons Series here.

This photograph is a limited edition of 100 and will arrive hand signed and numbered on the media of your choosing. Prices vary with the remaining edition quantity, for current pricing or additional information about this piece please email me.

Fine art hanging on a wall.

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For more details about my preferred display options, the ordering process, shipping, and production times please visit my order options page. If you want help choosing the right size for your space, my mock-up process is a great way to visualize any photo on your wall. Still have questions? Send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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