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Behind the Title - World Turning

"World Turning" - by Fleetwood Mac

The classic view of Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah, Georgia showing the natural tree tunnel created by a dirt road with live oak trees planted on each side and spanish moss hanging from the branches.

Believe it or not, this photo is all about the road. Yes, the trees are beautiful. They consume the frame and form a breathtaking tunnel but they were planted specifically to form that tunnel over the road. The road creates mystery, making you wonder what lies beyond the vanishing point. The photo was composed so that the road would lead the eye into the piece. The road is where you want to be when you look at the image. The road is why it was named after Fleetwood Mac's "World Turning".

The song "World Turning" changes the action in this image. Without the song, you can picture yourself standing in the road, consumed by the Spanish moss covered limbs. When the Fleetwood Mac song begins to play, you're no longer on two feet but four wheels. The song changes the story from a leisurely stroll to an afternoon cruise down the dirt strip.

The song fades in with a rhythmic cymbal similar to the steady rotation of wheels on a highway. Then a guitar is gradually introduced with another repeating beat. The two patterns sync up as the volume rises with the approaching purr of the engine. Right when it feels like the car is about to hit you, Lindsey Buckingham grabs you with his vocals and puts you behind the wheel of a top back convertible kicking up a cloud of dust down this tunnel of live oaks.

The tempo is upbeat, indicating a bit of speed and good emotions as the speckled sunlight hits your face. The beat that built in the intro carries through the song consistent as cruise control. The lyrics are short and spread out, allowing for the instrumentals to control the story and maintain the feeling of an afternoon road trip.

Creating a sense of driving was the goal with my song selection for this photo. My decision to walk the entirety of the Wormsloe Plantation road may have had some role in that. Instead of finding a song detailing a sweat covered, body slapping, bug bite hike during a June afternoon in Georgia, this photo tells the tale of wheels rolling under the oak canopy into eternity.

I don't regret the decision to walk by any means. The beauty of the Wormsloe tunnel is meant to be savored and walking allowed me the opportunity to examine every inch in pursuit of this photo. This composition allows you to bask in the glory of the historic site without the concern of humidity or insects. You can create your own idea of strolling under the Spanish moss or cruising with the wind in your hair.


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